90 Caplets | Item# SP0006


  • Do you know that acne is not only formed by a way to clean a prone skin or be irritated with a certain cosmetic ingredient, but because of a diet, living mode, stress, ... leading to endocrine disorders?
  • Particularly for women, acne can also be caused by an irregular menstrual cycle or ovarian problems (such as PCOS syndrome - polycystic ovary).
  • Understanding the principles of acne formation, Navajo ZinC acne tablets are designed to provide essential nutrients to support the production of healthy cells inside the body, and quickly resolve skin problems and bring the best performance for users. Navajo ZinC is researched and refined 100% from benign natural active ingredients on the most advanced and modern technology line. Therefore, Navajo ZinC is always appreciated for its safety and efficiency



Navajo ZinC pills contain a lot of minerals, nutrients from zinc, Vitamin C, and especially Spirulina is called the "miracle" of women beauty, helps to dislodge unpleasant and stubborn spots most, eliminating all the toxins hidden deep inside the body, giving you beautiful natural white skin, clean acne. Specific uses of the product include:

  • Regulating overactive sebaceous glands becomes balanced and stable, minimizing pores
  • Anti-inflammatory, quick healing of acne wounds
  • Recreate damaged skin by acne, increase elasticity, rejuvenate skin, help reduce dark scar, pitting scars left by acne
  • Support the elimination of toxins that produce acne, endocrine balance, prevent root formation of acne spots from the very beginning, providing smooth and firm skin
  • Prevent, reduce melasma and brighten skin
  • Supplement, enhance absorption of vitamins and minerals from food, build a strong protective layer to help healthy skin from inside.



Navajo ZinC with the essence of natural nutrients, the mechanism of deep action from the inside to the outside of the body, provides a comprehensive solution for skin.

  • Marine algae: Provides a rich content of nutrients and minerals for the body, replenishes collagen, stimulates new cells to develop, enhances nutrients for the skin. From there, remove acne, help skin surface white, smooth and increase firmness. In particular, Spirulina provides oxidants that repel wrinkles, dark spots or dark spots on the face. Chlorella algae supports liver toxicity, cleanses the body, reduces the causes of acne, supports the immune system. When these two types of algae are combined, it will be much more effective than single use.
  • Zinc: This is an ingredient that hinders the effects of acne from the outside environment, keeps skin dry and controls sebaceous glands, supports antibacterial against acne. In addition, zinc also helps reduce melasma and skin pigmentation disorders. As a result, it becomes a solid protective screen that protects the skin on the surface.
  • Vitamin C: Has a stable function of oil glands for smooth skin, tightens pores, helps inhibit formation and blur melanin pigments - causes dark spots after acne, prevents skin aging . Vitamin C will support the areas of sunken skin, filling concave scars after acne.
  • Don't let acne get worse to find treatment, you can use Navajo ZinC as a "weapon" to prevent acne.



  • Navajo ZinC is researched and manufactured in a US-based factory, by leading dermatologists, undergoing stringent product quality testing and international GMP standards.
  • Navajo ZinC is recommended for skin with acne problems such as: Pustules, acne inflammation, acne or with the skin with an active sebaceous gland imbalance, causing large pores, congestion, ... due to weakened hormonal system.
  • Therefore, you can be assured of using quality as well as efficiency.