90 Caplets | Item# SP0004


  • Sun protection is one of the most important skin care steps, because the sun carries ultraviolet rays that not only damage the skin surface but also cause deep damage inside the skin cells, causing many harms including cancer. Instead of just applying a thin layer of sunscreen, why don't you protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun right from the inside?
  • Realizing the need for comprehensive skin protection for thousands of women, the birth control pill NAVAJO SUNCARE has been developed to enhance natural sun protection, increase skin resistance, protect skin from effects from ultraviolet rays. At the same time, Navajo Suncare both helps skin rejuvenate and smooth white skin from inside through fern extract.



  • Fern extract (Polypodium Leucotomos) is one of the natural plants with strong antioxidant ability, which provides super-sun protection and prevents ultraviolet damage. Navajo researchers have relied on this application and introduced Navajo Suncare sunscreen with outstanding uses:
  • Reducing skin lesions caused by overexposure to the sun and preventing the risk of skin cancer
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory, especially for psoriasis, increased skin resistance
  • Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle skin
  • Inhibiting the activity of dark melanin pigment, reducing darkening, improving bright white skin



  • American scientists have studied and pointed out that: Calaguakine compounds in ferns have the ability to resist sun damage and prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin. Not only that, many studies have found evidence that ferns are able to slow down aging and whiten the skin thanks to strong antioxidant properties, which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This is also the outstanding component of Navajo Suncare sunscreen, extracted from ferns.
  • On the other hand, Navajo Suncare helps the body protect from the inside and promote the effect outside, so you will limit the number of times to reapply sunscreen when working hard or due to heavy sweating. Navajo Suncare sunscreen tablets also address sensitive skin problems when irritated with anti-cream ingredients sunshine in some people
  • It is no coincidence that Navajo Suncare sunscreen is so popular and popular among women. All of this is due to the visible effect that it gives the skin thousands of women.



  • Navajo Suncare sunscreen pill helps to protect the sun from the inside of the body. However, it would be good if we use Navajo Suncare combination sunscreen to achieve the best results. Because, sunscreen tablets will work to repair, regenerate and enhance protection from inside the body. Meanwhile, sunscreen products will work similarly but only at the surface of the skin. Resonance from external effects will help you quickly achieve the most satisfying treatment results.
  • Moreover, topical products will help you directly resist sun-exposed skin areas and limit melasma, sunburn and skin aging problems. When there is no sunscreen, the newly recovered healthy cells from the Navajo Suncare sunscreen are broken and damaged. Just like that, effort and money will be wasted and not bring the results of treatment to users. Not only that, although the anti-sunscreen cream has a high SPF, the protection is only 98%. And 2% of ultraviolet rays still penetrate into the skin, they will create free radicals and destroy the body and skin. Therefore, Navajo Suncare sunscreen will help you neutralize UV ​​rays that can pass through the sunscreen to provide comprehensive protection.
  • In short, to protect the maximum skin, we should combine the application of sunscreen and Navajo Suncare, which will help ourselves to be completely protected from the harmful effects of UV rays. You should not ignore one of these two products in this daily skin care process.
  • The product is manufactured from the US, meeting the stringent requirements of GMP organization.

* Note: This product is not a medicine and cannot replace medicine.