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Navajo Glutathione: A unique blend of ingredients that has been clinically studied by the world's leading medical organizations.... The product significantly improves skin pigmentation, maximizes toxic toxicity, and gives the skin a radiant white, youthful appearance from deep inside. At the same time, supporting liver function, eliminating body toxins absorbed from the environment, food.



  • Product contains Glutathione Reduced active ingredient - an important antioxidant and proven to whiten skin from deep inside. Dispel dark or uneven pigmentation stains, return pure-skinned spring skin. Combined with milk thistle essence - an herb that can help support optimal detoxification, giving you more smooth and youthful skin.
  • Ccid alpha lipoic (ALA) helps protect against the harmful effects of the environment, rejuvenates and brightens the skin. At the same time stimulate the body to synthesize and increase the concentration of glutathione from the inside.
  • 100% research and production in the US, meeting international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) on production processes, quality as well as purity and efficiency.



  • Glutathione Reduced (500 mg): Essence is an endogenous substance, produced in the liver and then distributed throughout the body. Glutathione has been dubbed the "mother of antioxidants" to help repel and inhibit the production of melanin. Since then, the skin color has been reduced, dark pigmentation is reduced, and the skin is naturally bright. This nutrient also acts as a magnet, toxic toxin, heavy metal, ... and thoroughly excreted from the body.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (50 mg): Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that helps neutralize toxins of cells throughout the body during detoxification. Besides, it also stimulates the synthesis process and increases glutathione nutrient concentration in the body effectively. When Glutathione is taken orally, it should also be combined with this active ingredient to achieve the best results.
  • Milk thistle (100 mg): Support the natural detoxification process of the liver by collecting toxins and speeding up the process of detoxification from the body.



  • Skin whitening is safe, natural and long-lasting

Glutathione whitens skin, even skin tone, reduces pigmentation by stimulating production Bright melanin and inhibition of the formation of dark melanin. This process takes a while to reset the internal skin cell structure, usually after a cycle (life cycle) of skin, you will experience a marked change.

Thanks to the whitening process by strengthening the inner cells, impacting from the dermis and gradually going out of the epidermis layer, the skin will become pink and white radiant, fresh and naturally full of life. Dark pigments are fading, the skin is evenly colored, smooth, the bruises and pigmentation are significantly reduced.

  • Whole body toxic excrete

The liver is the main body, "carrying" the task of converting toxins out of the body. However, as age increases, liver function decreases. In heavily polluted environment and dirty food as much as today, the body is more prone to acne, rough, bad skin significantly. Understanding that, the Navajo Glutathione product was created to support liver function and immune system enhancement. Glutathione has a special ability to neutralize harmful free radicals and peroxide, preventing natural aging. In addition, milk thistle extract supports strongly the liver during the second detoxification process.

For Glutathione, the skin is not only bright, but also smooth, without acne, melasma.



  • Natural ingredients, safe, effective, does not contain toxic chemicals, does not cause side effects.
  • Outstanding performance in improving skin, promoting natural purification and digestion system, hormone balance, ...
  • Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid (the active ingredients in the body) with milk thistle essence have a mutual effect, increasing their ability to fight harmful free radicals and peroxide.
  • The product is manufactured at the US-based Navajo factory, undergoing rigorous product quality testing, international GMP standards. 
  • Navajo is invested and developed a factory, a direct research room in the US. The products are clinically studied and proven to be effective by leading medical professionals and organizations worldwide.

* Note: This product is not a medicine and has no effect to replace medicine.